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I first became interested in crystals in 2010 - I had suggested to my son that collecting tumblestones may be a nice hobby, instead of bringing in stones from the garden.

I borrowed a book from the library to identify his new tumblestones and in this book there was a chapter on crystal healing. Although I was very skeptical, I decided try laying the crystals on my body as suggested in the book - I was shocked when I could feel energy moving around my body.

From this point my curiosity was fired up and I tried using different crystals on myself, reading more books and using different layouts. Eventually I wanted to learn more than I had read in books, so I decided to train as a crystal therapist.

I trained via the ICGT (Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists) and am now a Certified Crystal Therapist. I am also on the ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) Practitioner Register. 

I have been initiated in the Gaia Foundation and Gaia Advanced courses.

I have also passed Level 2 BSL (British Sign Language).

A random assortment of crystals
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