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A woman receiving Gaia Healing


My name is Bernice and I am a GAIA Healer.

I have been attuned and trained to bring through the GAIA Healing frequencies from the Eternal Light Healing system, brought to Earth at this Divine time by Shimara Kumara.

What is GAIA Healing?

GAIA healing is a higher vibrational frequency of healing than Reiki.

GAIA has evolved from the traditional Usui Reiki, and is essentially an upgrade.

As each of us are now raising our vibrational energy daily, thus becoming more heart centred, being aware of our thoughts and actions, by being aware of our own personal healing process and the welfare of ourselves and others, and with what is going on in the rest of the world’s population and Planet Earth itself, we can now, each of us, help all of the above by first healing ourselves.

This is NOW why GAIA energy has been offered, to mankind for our use at this time.

As consciousness of society has risen, so there therefore the vibration of healing energies available has risen, and the GAIA energy is a 5th Dimensional healing energy that has been given to us now with Mother Earth herself is moving into the 5th Dimension.

A GAIA healing session is giving yourself space and time, to lie on a therapy couch to receive these Divine energies, hands on, working on your Chakra’s and other areas where we are guided to work.

GAIA energy has its own Divine intelligence, and will be working on All levels of your being, physical, mental, and emotional, bringing balance back into your body.

You may experience many different things during a GAIA healing session, depending on your own awareness, such as a deep sense of peace, or a release of emotions, or memories surfacing, or feelings of heat in certain areas of your body, or maybe none of these.

However even if you do not experience anything please know that these energies are always working on you for your Highest Divine Good.

Regular sessions will help you immensely, however one off sessions (when you are experiencing a sudden traumatic situation) will also be of great benefit to yourself, as and when required.

As a Gaia healer and an Eternal Light student, as my personal healing journey progresses and I become attuned to more of the Divine Planetary energies of the Eternal Light healing system, I will then become a Eternal Light healer, being a channel for bringing through more individual energies, which will work on other aspects of yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful gift to yourself and your Higher Self thanks you.

Love and Light

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